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Critique "Like Math, but with No Numbers" You left no questions so I'll just give you my opinion about whatever strikes me. I don't think this story is too short or too long. It's just right. I like a story that presents word-pictures right away and doesn't spend a lot of time explaining everything....


Critique for "Um" You didn't leave any questions, and I'm operating on opinion only, but here we go into a short critique. 1. It's short because I see the need to advertise such a Society, excellently made into a business card that can go up on the 'fridge. I like the address you left for FB, and ho...

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George doesn't eat anything except Cheerios. ---- by TheKerwinator

In a dim parlor, the men sit in clusters, some chatting with ghosts, others staring mutely. ---- by IntelligentZombie

The register rang out at four ninety-five. Heracles took out his phone and stared at the icons. One of them had his money in it. ---- by Tobaeus

she's a carousel of lovers, bow before homecoming queen/built from holy Roman marble and a pound of Maybeline.... ---- by failure

Balance is the key/ to sorting me out / but I can't master it. ---- by Jaybird101

She is Judas/in a painted on/little black dress/playing Delilah/for your deepest secrets ---- by TheLunaLily

Thanks to all visitors and watchers! You mean a lot to me. :heart:

He was born the eldest of five sturdy boys and his parents were missionaries. He was born a torchbearer, the firstborn destined to bring his family to life. But looking at the past all these many years later, he couldn’t decide when he first felt truly and utterly indifferent.
Sure, he laughed and he ran without a care like any other nine year old. He caught butterflies and studied them with genuine awe and watched the fireflies dance in the forest behind his home as his family gathered for a night around the bonfire. He left home at six in the morning and returned at six in the evening all covered in a day’s worth of visions and stories he would later tell his little brothers. And when a breeze would hit his warm and welcoming face, he would close his eyes and think that this moment right here, this will never end.
He shakes his head because he knows that was all a haze, a childish haze, a brief moment of fabricated ecstasy to hide the truth that was alw
Intelligent DiscussionThere was only one seat left in the bar. Richard slid into it without a second thought, without even glancing at either of his neighbors…until he heard the one on his right call for the bartender at the same time as him. Then they both looked.
The patrons immediately around them hushed. Over by the door, the bouncer looked quietly attentive.
“Is there a problem, gentlemen?” the bartender asked, a clear warning in her tone. Richard gave his neighbor another side-long glance, saw his own narrow-eyed, wary expression reflected back at him, and offered the first tentative flag-wave of a truce.
“No. I’m here for a vacation.”
“…me, too,” said the other, and since there were still no other empty seats to be had, they settled back into their adjacent stools and did their best to ignore each other as the rest of the bar relaxed around them.
Unfortunately, ignoring your arch-nemesis, an arch-nemesis apparently on vacation i
Persephone RevisionedWe are wrapped in each other as dawn breaks, the last snow of the season slowly melting into the soaked grass. You say that you think the flower buds will be out in a week or two, the winter wiped away from memory as if it had never happened. I rub my leg up yours, joke about how you haven’t shaved in a few days, but I haven’t shaved either. I curl my hands across your stomach, lean into your neck and breathe deep. The scent of you is springtime, the incoming rainstorms, freshly cut grass. I have a feeling you’re happiest in spring and summer, out in the sun where your hair will turn from dishwater blonde to radiant gold. You sizzle with the approach of winter’s end, a tingle on the tips of your fingers and toes that warms you from the outside in. You are anticipation personified, your movements beginning to quicken as if you were a cold-blooded creature returning from the land of the dead.
I don’t say that I wish winter would continue on, that we could go

Orient ExpressMurder On The Orient Express
The train rolled on through the night. It cost dearly to ride this train, with its silver dinnerware, its gold faucets, and gold decorations on beautiful woods. Its silk upholstery. Its glorious food! Its supreme service.
In the morning, all the passengers were dead.
With one exception.
"They died in such luxury," he said.
"They would have thanked me."
Tweaking his moustaches to perfection, he prepared to leave the train as it arrived at the next station.
End [Fin]
Lancelot Price 2015 July 14
Twenty minutes of resti am a yeast.  
i don't ask for much.  
i'd totally be down for some turbinado sugar and unfiltered hefeweisen...
watch me get fat and happy, hell yeah.  
that is when i'm most likely to do the best work, when i am fat and happy.  
so i do a little work.  then i get a rest.
the autolyse.
my autolyse.
i am happy before the salt.
then the heat.  
i will die but what i give to you is good for your soul.
Some Violence Required     Light glinting off metal was Johanna Spenser’s first glimpse of the cage. It sat in the middle of what used to be a library beneath a broken skylight. Dust motes floated in the air as the afternoon sun washed the room with heat and hazy light.
    Johanna stepped closer, out of the glare. When her eyes had adjusted she saw him. Rushing forward she dropped to her knees. “Kai! Kai, can you hear me?”
    Kai lay unmoving on the floor of the cage, his skin an alarming shade of gray, veins showing stark beneath. He’d been shot multiple times and his shirt was soaked with blood. Some of the ragged wounds were still oozing blood.
    Johanna’s skin turned to ice. The world grayed at the edges for a moment or two. How long had he been like this? Was she in time? She had to get him out of the sun.
    Opening her backpack, she took out her tools and got to work on th


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