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Critique "Like Math, but with No Numbers" You left no questions so I'll just give you my opinion about whatever strikes me. I don't think this story is too short or too long. It's just right. I like a story that presents word-pictures right away and doesn't spend a lot of time explaining everything....


Critique for "Um" You didn't leave any questions, and I'm operating on opinion only, but here we go into a short critique. 1. It's short because I see the need to advertise such a Society, excellently made into a business card that can go up on the 'fridge. I like the address you left for FB, and ho...

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I was three times three years old and had three freckles on the bridge of my nose.

by apoemhowsweet
fishing by moonlight/casting in dreamland for the next/thing to do...

by LancelotPrice
The exhausted traveler hung his/ampersand/on its hook...

by nawkaman
She met him when the world was/new;/when wars were fought in the/cosmos...

by OfOneSoul
I read a story once about a man who had six PhDs in six different fields.

by emo-black-cat
The floor is covered with ribbons of broken hair - snapped, dry, dirty hair.

by Piishii-isdzan
I remember flying/as a small child/holding my breath/and floating up/I could reach touch/the ceiling but/only in my parents/bedroom and if my father agreed...

by maxnort
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In Search of PunctuationThe exhausted traveler hung his
on its hook, dragging his eyes across
                  and through the curves
  looking for any signs of sharpness
 or flatland meadows; somewhere
                      he might rest.
         He found nothing but
           rhythmic swells and
the faint hands of an impresario
              crafting the journeyrock
                         below his feet.
                     "No matter,
    I suppose." But his cellular
        structure was ringing
               in his ears,
     demanding audience                & sleep.
UnsuretyI am uncomfortable with my reflection. I am also obsessed by it.
I am never sure what I will look like, why some days I feel handsome and some days ugly. It's not like my face changes, my nose bending strange, my lips becoming thinner, less full than they were yesterday. But I know Im less me than I was two days ago, more me than I will be tomorrow. Maybe the "those" that say the mirror is the window to the soul are right.
I never know what revelations will be revealed to me as I stare at myself, looking at the minute changes age wrings from my flesh. Each new wrinkle, each new crease tells its own story, a story that seems I had no hand in writing.
Some days I fancy I can see through my eyes beyond the reflection to the real world-
-The world that I long to be in.
I lean in close so that my eyes are the only thing I see, filling my vision with pupil and today's blue-green iris field. I stare so long, pondering, time slips away, a liquid thing, my outline blurring, fading like smoke, l
The QuestShe hopped from one foot to the other, jogged on the spot and finished the routine by bouncing up and down. The Quest could be put off no longer. It was time to go and face the Machine-Beast.
This was not the monster’s true name, obviously. No-one knew that, though it did go by many titles:
Johns. Jakes.
“Mummy,” said the Quester. “I have to go.”
“Right,” said Mummy, trying to get poster paint out of the tablecloth.
“Would you..?” The Quester hesitated. “Would you come with me?”
Mummy looked up from her task and gazed at the Quester.
“Some things you just have to do on your own now,” she said.
Of course.
Of course.
The Quester began her ascent. The stairs were steep but they were no longer frightening. She had traversed this territory so many times. At the top, she stopped and stared down the path she was obliged to take. The monster’s lair was dark, the door slightly ajar. The Que


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