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Critique "Like Math, but with No Numbers" You left no questions so I'll just give you my opinion about whatever strikes me. I don't think this story is too short or too long. It's just right. I like a story that presents word-pictures right away and doesn't spend a lot of time explaining everything....


Critique for "Um" You didn't leave any questions, and I'm operating on opinion only, but here we go into a short critique. 1. It's short because I see the need to advertise such a Society, excellently made into a business card that can go up on the 'fridge. I like the address you left for FB, and ho...

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It was fifty feet tall and appeared to be made entirely out of smoke.

by Ravenswd
Power is a very silly thing to crave. There are much nicer things to want, like love, or water...or good salted fish.

by Yitik
I watch the coffee pot do/cannonballs/through the air...

by therootcellar
She hadn't moved from her window in over a day.

by Fineliners
I'd like to have my heart replaced.

by Sammur-amat
If there was any human invention Wendigo hated with all his frozen heart, it was the boat.

by Leonca
I did it for the money and I did it for the girl.

by monstroooo
He's a god in Armani, stepping under the clinking bell at the coffee shop door.

by Pailei

Thanks to all watchers and visitors. I appreciate all you do. :heart:
BeachRoar of wind through dry autumn leaves
Sounds like surf on some white beach
Larry's on the piano, banging away
Horizontal windchimes, mad fugues
His fingers grown nine inches long
Bill thinks it will play through, but
He's wearing white after labor day
Sandra can't put down the book of her life
And I'm still somewhere on a beach
Drowning in the cold autumn air
Breathe in, breathe out; stop; no, go
Bells, bells, bells, bedeviled ring
Jeannie's crooked smile stretches for miles
All the way down to some white beach
Where I'm in the water, kissing sharks
What You SeeThe land where I live is a peculiar place, though not as peculiar as some. The place where I live is full of children who play barefoot in fields, but know that it hurts to run through stalks of ripe corn. A place where the fields burn at least once a year, flaring allergies and settling a haze in the sky. Where dust drifts across the roads in place of the dry tumbleweeds seen in photos, and residents know to pull over and wait the clouds out.
I live in a place more beautiful than most, where the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, yet somehow is more breathtaking each day. When the sun sets on the horizon, the glow of the city fades and the stars litter the sky like the sprinkles on a child’s birthday cake. This is a place where we garden in the warm spring afternoon, only to watch petals of snow drift to the ground after tucking the children into bed that very same night.
This place where I live is much sweeter than most. Though we have no grand and majestic mountains t
Mantisnight air rises
with crickets
stars ripple
back in time
unripened green
born under
the last phase
as still as the arc
of a full moon,
praying mantis
in supplication
atop my car,
I wait respectfully

Sinking of the SSS Dungong    Power is a very silly thing to crave.  There are much nicer things to want, like love, or water (rare enough to be wanted here), or good salted fish.
    Really, there can't be any reason to want power other than simply to have it: it doesn't tickle any primal mammalian desires, unless you count the desire to have control over other people.  Controlling others means you yourself are not being controlled by them, but if it's freedom you're searching for, why not put your energy into simply wanting that?
    No, all power gets you is more work and harder work.  Naturally, of all the crew and officers on the SSS Dungong, the captain with all his power has the most difficult work of all — at the moment, he is performing the work of going down with his ship.
    And I am looking down at the iron deck of the Dungong some twenty meters below, and the sands some twenty-five, frothing with moisture where there
Roses and Candle lightSpinning lines comparing eye color to emeralds
or how that smile can light up the night sky
doesn’t really suit me.
Hinging on every motion, every gesture
like dangling from the edge of a cliff
doesn’t feel natural either.
You know the term “Hopeless Romantic”;
well, I’m hopelessly the opposite of that.
And I don’t cling too much of anything.
That’s not the way I am.
It isn’t a lack of sensitivity or passion.
It isn’t a lack of interest or intrigue.  
I’m just not built for roses and candle light.
And I enjoy the empty spaces in between.
Battery MendellIt was just about sundown in the Marin Headlands. Away on the horizon, the Farallon Islands were silhouetted against the sun; the breeze had fallen, the world holding its breath. Across the Golden Gate Bridge, glorious in the dying light, The City sparkled and hummed inaudibly.
Kicking around the old bunker in the lengthening blue shadows, conversation had fallen into a lull, as well. Tired of scuffing pebbles with his shoe, Josh followed me down the crumbling concrete steps as I went to examine the heavy iron doors, rusted shut with the fog of a century.
“That’s where the Morlocks come out,” he said, jokingly.
Two things happened at once. The sun dipped in its final dive below the horizon, the last gold melting into the cold fingers of waiting fog on the western sea.
And in the empty warren of corridors riddling the mountain beneath us, we all simultaneously felt something wake up.
It was old. We knew that much. And we knew it was dreadful.
And it was comin


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