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The Summer of Love
     It's the fiftieth anniversary of The Summer of Love, 1967, something a lot of people notice around here. I'm in NoCal, not too far from San Francisco, where that particular summer was celebrated the most. I traveled with my sister from Southern California to the Haight-Ashbury district then, to check out the scene. We were still in high school, and the 'hippie thing' was like a clarion call. We dressed for it: embroidered shirts, tight blue jeans with bright fabric sewn over the seams, headbands, long hair. All we lacked were the flowers.
     When we wandered down the street, we didn't talk much. We were studying how to be cool. Back at home, my sister painted LOVE  and flowers on our mirror. We listened to rock and folk music. We read magazines like Mother Nature and The Rolling Stone. 
     The street scene was 'happening' in San Francisco. There were lots of girls dressed like us, an
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Mature content
New Life :iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 7 17
Mature content
Anne :iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 7 13
Pear-ly Nonsense
     When the pear bit me, I knew it was an unpearalelled day. I'd done nothing to cause the incompearable behavior from that pear. Nor had I done anything against all the pears in the bowl. This pear grinned at me, then bit my thumb. I quickly put the pear down and studied it. It looked normal in every way, except it had a mouth, and teeth, and, pearish the thought, it smirked. I picked up a pearing knife, ready to fight back. The pear still smirked. I thought maybe I should pear it down to nothing, or tell The National Inquirer and make, maybe, fifty bucks. Fifty bucks for a photo of a pear, pearhaps sitting next to my bitten thumb. I got the smartphone and tried to arrange the pear and the pear injury in an attractive way. But the pear bit me again. No! I picked up the pearing knife again and put on pear-proof gloves and set to work. I'm happy to report that the pear didn't do anything pearsonable, it seemed to have no pearsonality, a
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 5 13
A Celestial Visit
"There are very few communes at the end of smooth roads."      -Clark Dimond
    She visited in 1978. The Greyhound bus crunched to a snowy stop in Walsenburg. I glimpsed my sister coming down the steps and held up a big coat, boots, socks and a hat. She held a sweater tightly closed against the cold and didn't look up until she reached the curb. Then we smiled at each other.. Celeste was in Colorado to visit the commune. I'd told her earlier, by phone, that the weather was very warm; flowers blooming in the Rockies. I owed her warm clothing, and she was happy I brought it to Walsenburg. We hugged and laughed.
     "Sorry you had to wait so long, LJ," she said. "When the pilot said we had to circle because of a blizzard, I was surprised! We circled Denver for two hours! Oh, wow... you look wonderful. This coat is wonderful!"
     "You look great, yourself. C'mon, get
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Mature content
Let's Try This On For Size :iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 7 20
The Quark and the Giant Eland
    The quark thought of it. 'The Heavenly Rescuers of Earth's Animals = Deities', a group commonly known as THREAD, asked him how he'd save western giant elands, now extinct in three African countries. The elands were "critically endangered" in other countries in Africa.
    Mother Creator was the deity that started THREAD and she was still in charge. No one but the Creator could even see the quark. He was merely a fidget on the horizon. But his idea about the elands was intriguing, to say the least. THREAD listened as the quark spoke.
    "A giant eland antelope is scheduled to die shortly, and we can put its spirit side-by-side with a human spirit in a human body. That should teach humans the loss that will occur if nobody understands that these animals have great spirit and must be saved. I believe humans can be receptive to this."
    The quark's voice sounded like it was inside the minds of each deity, from naiads to the Mother, and he spok
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The Cousin in New Orleans
    The Christian kids were following me long before I knew it. It's true that I was distracted by many things. It was my first trip to New Orleans (pre-Katrina) and I found it delightful. I usually rode the trolley, which made me feel like I was inside a giant pinball machine with all its bells and whistles.
    Views of stately homes, hanging Spanish moss and green, green lawns completed the feeling of being in another realm. Well, I was in another state, having arrived from California about a month before. Before that, I'd been on the commune in Colorado, where I'd eventually return. But now I was in love with New Orleans.
    I went often to the French Quarter to people-watch and listen to the music, all kinds of wonderful music. I never saw the other side of the Mississippi; it was foggy every time I tried. I also went to Tulane University, to sit in the student union and feel more at home.
    Probably about now I should say I was un
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Action and Reaction
    Secrets are rarely kept between two people. If you have a secret, it's best to tell no one.
    I told someone, so mine was no longer a secret, it was just low-key information we tried to keep quiet.
    I was easily embarrassed, and wished it hadn't happened in front of him, my new husband. Our bed was a futon, with walls on two sides and a dresser at the foot. I got up early and opened the drawer where my clothes were, and something leapt out at me. I ran for the door to the other room. My husband was laughing so hard when I returned, I wanted to pour cold water on him.
    He said, "You and that mouse was both runnin neck and neck for the door. Funniest thing I ever seen!"
    "It was awful. Please don't tell anyone. Keep it secret. Promise?"
    "Okay, I promise. It's still the funniest thing I ever seen!"
    "What's a mouse doing in the dresser anyway?"
    "Makin a nest, probly," he said. "Look.
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What This Writer Does
    Friends told me I should send her what I've written so far. She's known for years that she's the subject of a story. I kept putting it off because it's not finished and it's not what she wanted.
    Instead of a "Jesus will save you" tract, something the subject wanted the story to end on, it's a story of her escapades through about ninety years. Not that I've written ninety years yet. Heck, I've only written about one day, with flashbacks.
    But I took a deep breath and sent the subject seventeen of the pages I have so far. They're not even the most recent revision; they're what I found in my folders. My printer doesn't work and I wouldn't send her pen and paper copies. Too informal.
    I haven't heard from her yet (and may not) but I hope she's happy with what she has. We used to sit over meals and I'd listen to her tell the story of her life. I made notes with her permission. She's had a long and very full life, a fascinating one. From
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 6 22
The Great Water Debate
    There was a war going on at the senior complex.
    I visited the place to see how my Granny was doing, but she'd left a note on her door that said:
    That got me worried right there. Granny wasn't your ordinary person. I could think of a million reasons why she'd be evicted, and not one that would make her cheerfully go that close to the office. She had sort of a love/hate relationship with where she lived. As long as things went her way, she was happy. If they didn't, well, she was a force to be reckoned with.
    I walked along the cement path between greenery and sent up a little prayer.
    "No eviction, please," was all I asked.  
    I hated the sign beside the office because it said "Welcome Home," and it just didn't have a homey feeling anywhere. Except inside my Granny's apartment and garden. I walked through a mysteriously empty office to the rec room, where I heard
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 16 57
Changing of the Guard
    I sat pouting and alone in the first meadow when I saw a deer run out of the woods on my right, cross the meadow at top speed, then go into the woods on my left. A moment later, I heard the dogs bark. It made me angry, but there wasn't a thing I could do to get those dogs away from the deer. So I was pouting, alone and mad when the first dog ran across the meadow.
    It was the Afghan, head up and silent. Afghans hunt by sight, I knew that much. The other dogs hunted by scent, and they appeared soon after, noses to the ground when they weren't barking. What a racket they made! And I thought I felt low before! I couldn't even sit quietly and feel sorry for myself. Now I had to worry about the deer.
    I walked back to the dome and asked Diane if she'd seen her dog lately. She hadn't. Hers was the Afghan. She had a toy poodle as well, but it didn't count. That little bundle of neuroses rarely left her side. Neither the Afghan nor the poodle were well-t
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 6 102
The Old and the New in Cross-Country Skiing
by LJ
    Consider first this difference. At a 1960 Winter Olympics held in Squaw Valley, there were essentially no set tracks for the most prestigious cross-country ski competition to be held in this country at that time. Olympic crews towed a six foot high rototiller behind a snow tractor to pack the trails, or skiers went out and packed the trails themselves by side-stepping or snowshoeing. Then the tracks were set by ten or more skiers hitting the trails before competition took place.
    Compare that to the $25,000 worth of track-setting equipment and the three to four maintenance crew members who set tracks daily at Devil's Thumb now, one of the most famous cross-country centers in the nation today.
    As told by Dick Taylor, regional Rocky Mountain coach for the U.S. Cross-Country Ski Team and director of Devil's Thumb Ranch, the sport of cross-country skiing has leaped decades ahead in the scant 20 years since the '60s Olympics at Squaw Valley.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 2 25
The Jewelry Makers
    Once upon a time, even now, there was a woman who was the boss of the whole office complex. She mostly had women working for her, since they designed jewelry for mass production. Her name was Queenna. Because she thought they didn't really care about jewelry, she had three males who went to her office every day to show her the newest designs. These three were her closest assistants. The eldest was called "First" by Queenna and the two next assistants were called "Second" and "Third."
    One day, Queenna showed these three her favorite jewelry design of all time. She kept in a locked box on her desk, but was so proud of it, she couldn't wait to show someone, and she trusted her assistants. However, that was her first mistake.
    As soon as he saw the design, First went to a rival jeweler and showed their boss, Kingla, how he could make it and still call it new and his own design. Kingla had female assistants called "Do," "Don't" and "Maybe." He decide
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 2 4
About the Blues
    There were reasons I was going to write about a grand mal seizure. Heck, I still have the reasons: I feel like it and it's on my mind. I say "it" because I only had one and it was some time ago. But they say I did a bang-up job of it.
    My sister told me, "I woke you up to tell you it was time to go to the horse show, and you stood there and said you had a headache and wouldn't make it. Made me mad, actually. Then you keeled over and it's good my husband was there to catch you."
    I remember the headache. Worst one I've ever had, truly crippling. I didn't want to disappoint my sister and her husband though. After all, my daughter and I were staying with them for an unspecified length of time. I'd even grown fond of the friggin horse shows.
    The memory that's most embarrassing is a big sign the seizure isn't a small one -- loss of control of the bladder. Check. Tremors. Check. And I guess you stick out your tongue and your eyes go kinda
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 11 29
Always the Haunted House
    On Halloween, young people seem to flock to the dark, in search of either candy or a house to 'trick.' Matt and Sally were no different, except they were a bit older, nearly in their teens. Matt talked Sally into going to the house widely known as haunted.
    Sally said, "Are you sure we want to go there? It must be called haunted for a good reason."
    Matt laughed. "Sure. Things go bump in the night there. It's just an old house."
    "Then they won't have any candy."
    "We got enough off Mr. Sterling to rot our teeth already. This'll prove we've got guts too. Wait 'til we get to school and tell everyone where we went! They'll envy us and know how brave we are. C'mon, Sally!"
    Sally sighed. "I don't know how you always talk me into these dumb ideas."
    "I'm smart. And I know you like to hang out with me anyway."
    "You're not as smart as me, and this may be the last straw as far as h
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Yesterday, I welcomed a new piece of art into my home. I found a perfect place for it, then I realized -- I have dozens of prints of artwork from devArt: it hangs on my walls, over a door, in the kitchen, the library, the bedroom -- everywhere! Most of them are 4x6s, framed in batches. I found a great multiple holder for that size at a dollar store. That was fun to arrange. Others are 8x10s or 9x11s, framed and carefully hung. The second-largest piece is above the door; the largest is the one I got yesterday, and I'm very pleased with it. I have to thank the kind (and good!) artist who sent it. Thank you, again, kach-back!

Then I also realized I feel older for the first time. It began when I broke my arm and wrist last October; a "very bad" break, according to the surgeon. The recovery was achingly long and difficult. I look in the mirror and I look like my mother to me now. My mother was a pretty lady, btw, who also had no gray hair. But now I suddenly look older, like she looked. I'm a senior citizen! acting like I'm younger. It's not all bad, though. I challenge myself to longer daily walks and meet folks that way. Now I also get to call others "dear." Or "honey." I don't, though. I call others "baby." :D

So, how are you, baby? 


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